Watch Puppies Play In The Grass for the First Time

Do You Remember the first time you played in grass?

Wasn’t it an energized moment.

Click on the video  below to make it play.

Join Ovations pups as they leave the house, march across a 10 foot deck and Shazam grass! imagine the sensations they must have. They just left the house where they have lived all their lives. They are in kind of an excitement frenzy after seeing us and Mom.  They are ready for fun or at least attention and all of a sudden they're transported to the backyard. So their high-speed activity turns into warp speed ...And they begin experiencing the touch of the grass on their feet, the smell of the yard with their nose, and the expanse of the new world with their eyes.

Some put their nose to the ground. Some stop their dead in their tracks trying to figure out what happened. Some start running gleefully. — What would you do in their shoes?

Sooner or later they're all going to do the same thing but in a different order at a different time. Taste the grass, chew on a leaf, play tug-of-war with a stick, fall in a hole, discover mom and their caregivers are out here with them, giving tons of assurance to make sure this experience is a positive and confidence building one.

Watching Ovation’s pups explore the outside world for the first time is educational, highly entertaining, and extremely gratifying. I am blessed to be a part of this process.

And being there as the puppies experience the real world is a thrill.

Thank you for joining our adventure.

How about you?

Dr. B....

  • Sandy Monahan says:

    Thank you for these adorable videos. It reminded me of the first time I ran the vacuum after Abby joined our family. I looked over to see her sitting on the dining room chair with the most quizzical expression. It took a while, but now I have to nudge her with the vacuum to get her to move:)

    • Dr.B says:

      Wow, Sandy,
      I wish I had a video of that. Perhaps we could get her a “Maid’s Uniform” and teach her to vacuum!
      FYI: Both Abby and Jack are doing great today! — Happy 4th…..

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