Puppy Weaning is a Four-Letter Word

By Dr.B / a couple of years ago

Three-Week-Old puppies become four.  They transition from brest-feeding to solid food right before your very eyes!

Puppy Weaning is today's topic. In this video, we see three-week-old puppies transition into four-week-old puppies and come of age.

What do I mean by that? Well, newborn puppies grow fast every week they're different.

Every week they're bigger.

 Every week they're smarter.

 Every week their development transitions from what was once a miracle until the next miracle.

This video demonstrates the miracles that happen between three weeks of age and four weeks of age. This is a magic time that transitions from 100% milk and breastfeeding to the next stage in their life of eating solid food.

This is the magic, scary, potentially dangerous period of weaning when

4-Week Old Puppies Come Of Age.

- Dr. B...