Unlock 3 Life-Changing Secrets to Make Your Dog Live Longer!

The oldest dog ever turned 30 years!

Today, we examine this Portuguese Mastiff’s life and the care given by his Pet-Parents.  His name is Bobi and he lives on a farm in rural Portugal. 

 Dr. B unlocks 3 Life-Changing Secrets that can Make Your Dog Live Longer. 

He reveals principles that you can apply to make your own pet healthier and pain-free.

Bobi's pet-parent owners attributed three factors that contributed to his long life and achieving the remarkable Guinness Book of World Records title of “Oldest Dog Ever!”


time is short life is short how can we make our pets live longer what truly are the secrets that these Long Live dogs share if only we could do that how can we do that with our own pets wouldn't that be fantastic So today we're going to look at some of those things those pet parents did and how we can apply them to ourselves and our own pets so that they can live to be happy and healthy by our side let's get started Phoebe the Portuguese Mastiff living the 30 his pet parents they attribute his longevity to a calm peaceful stress-free life regular benefits regular vet visits and a good diet so the parents of bobi are Long Live Mastiff sitting in Portugal living halfway healthy on the farm lose doing what he's supposed to do bred to be a protector guardian of the flock in the family not a lot of responsibilities if there's no any problems coming around problem comes around he rises to the occasion just what he's supposed to do uh in the like how can we apply that stress-free longevity package to our own dogs certainly we can't go out and build a farm uh well maybe some of us are fortunate to have Farms but in the urban environment how can we reduce stress step number one figure out what stress really is affecting Fido and write that down address it and we can talk about that secondly what type of stressors are going on in the family I believe very strongly than the canine Sixth Sense they know what's going on at the top end of the leash whether the lease is there or not a lot of energy in the family of that energy is positive Fido's pretty happy the energy is negative Fido's not that happy at all one um the families has conflict the families has arguments when the schedules change when the school Tesla goes up when the exams going up and everybody's kind of going crazy what happens at the other end of the leash when we're even ignoring Fido I submit that that's a huge stress factor a stress factor that most of us are not I repeat most of us are not aware of and even so that the first step is to be aware of that stress and then and then only then can we really intervene and deal with it effectively and proactively secondly regular Veterinary visits regular Veterinary business how much can I say about that I've been a veterinarian in private practice for decades and decades and decades and decades and this is critical folks too many people um put this off proactive Veterinary preventive medicine will keep your pet on the track longer and happier and healthier and more pain-free for the hugest longest time that you can imagine putting things off waiting to see if it's going to go away is not what's going to reduce the stress not what's going to reduce the pain of of aging and arthritis that comes with time and change not going to do anything but make you continue to worry because when you put something off in the back of your mind things are nagging things are nagging you're kind of worrying you don't you can never really take a time out because you're concerned about Fido and Fido can't tell you what all of his problems are you're a veterinarian outside independent third party with with x-ray vision Oh you mean x-ray for x-ray vision but tunnel vision to work specifically at your pet's problems will give you good health lifelong information next on the Hit Parade good food I can't say enough about food I don't have enough time to talk forever and forever about food like I love to that's for another chapter in another video but suffice it to say that we are what we eat are we not and too often the dietary implementation for Fido goes

unsupervised and thought about and taken for granted um you may start out with the world's best balanced diet and you start adding this and you start adding that you start adding this and you take away this and before you know it you have the equivalent of um McDonald's and Fries uh at every meal no disrespect to McDonald's and fries with every meal I could be happy with that but that's not what my doctor thinks is best for me and that's not what I think is best for you and your pet white is short is it not way too short but we can make our pets healthier we can make our pets happier and we can do it intelligently and successfully if we follow proven documented recipes that are known to help prolong Health longevity reduce pain and suffering and keep our pets on the track for a long time so what's my prescription for a long and happy pain-free life well let's take it from this 30 year old dog provide a stress-free environment provide good and healthy nutrition and regular Veterinary business so what kept this 30 year old dog on the track happy healthy and pain-free for all these years well his master recounted a calm peaceful and stress-free life number one Ray Corvette is it's number two and excellent food and nutrition number three well that's a great place to start details of all these of course will come in future videos my goal is to keep the team at both ends of the leash on a solid healthy track so that your BFF is pain-free happy and healthy and you are worry-free if you want your pup to be on that track then check out this next video thanks for joining me here today I can't wait until I see you in the next video