Ferrets, Mink Coronavirus Mutation Infects People – COVID19 a Zoonoses

What about ferrets?
Why am I so worried about ferret?

Ferrets are cousins of mink.
They are more like twin brothers or sisters when it comes to Coronavirus
All members of the Weasel (family, Mustelidae) are highly susceptible to Sacrs Cov2 - the virus responsible for a pandemic that has taken More than 10 million lives.

Mink. otters, AND FERRETS
Everything we've said about Mink is true of ferrets.
Ferrets can get Coronavirus from people
Corona virus replicates easily in ferrets
ferrets give ferrets coronavirus EASILY TO themselves
And ferrets can give Coronavirus to people

More importantly !!!!!
there are an estimated 800,000 ferrets in the United States.. - ALL PETs
Unless you're one of the privileged ferret owners (like we were) you might say so what.

So Let's put two into the other!
If ferrets and weasels and otters and mink are all of the same family, the family mustelidae.

If a mink can easily get coronavirus from his Farm worker,
so can your ferret get coronavirus from you!!!
That is not a guess or a scientific calculation for estimation.


I've been saying since the early weeks of the pandemic that ferrets are at a severe risk for getting coronavirus from sick family members.
- why?
Because of ACE-2 receptors
IT is now 100% documented. Not only can they
contract the infection from a family member, but also
they could also transmit it BACK to another family member!

In Conclusion:
Can mink and ferrets get human Coronavirus -- YES
Can MINK really infect people after being infected themselves by their keepers? --- YES

Has the virus really mutated? --- YES

Is it now more virulent to people? ---- To Be Determined...
Governments and health authorities in their actions to protect us,
have chosen to act aggressively and if necessary err on the side of caution.

Will that mutation thwart the efforts of scientists? --- NO

Will the vaccinations currently in production be effective? ---- To Be Determined...
Not enough information to actually say .

What about our pet ferrets?
Well….. they're great companions. We had a family ferret companion named ”Coto” - He was a great companion.

In our next segment we will just discover ways to keep us and our ferret companions - healthy. Prevent Coronavirus. And what to do if someone gets sick in your household.