Newborn Puppy Instincts Are Remarkable – Luna’s Cute Puppies

Join Luna’s puppies…

In today’s video, we join these two beautiful newborn puppies on the first day of their lives – learning to nurse!

Yes, they are learning but they reveal their God-given instincts which drive them in a predictable self-serving way to discover their mother. And to find the nutrition that will sustain them for the hours and days and weeks and years to come.

Join us on this incredible journey — Dr. B…


Click on the video link ABOVE  and you will be transported to Luna’s puppy nest in our “guest bedroom”,

Where you will join her newborn puppies on their quest to find their first meal.

[ Can’t see the video? — click here!]


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Dr. B

  • Patti Barker says:

    So enjoyable and informative to watch and hear about the puppies. Thanks for taking the time to document their growth and sharing these beautiful puppies and their Mother.

  • Sweet Pea and Nancy says:

    Hi !
    How amazing to see Mother Nature in action. Miss Pink and Miss Yellow certainly are quick to pick up on what to do to get what they need !!!!
    Can’t wait for their next venture.

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