Puppies Eyes Open as the Year Begins

Dr B Puppies Open THeir Eyes

Hello Folks, it’s me – Dr. B…

This morning I am excited because I can share with you seven
beautiful little baby puppies. They belong to Dream, our 2-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog.

The puppies were born a little over a week ago.

And at this stage, they are just thinking about opening their eyes.

Fitting, don’t you think, that this is an eye-opening day on the first day of the year.

I trust you will be able to see their tiny little peepers in several stages of development, over a three day period.

I’ts not quite like seeing them in person, but I trust you will
enjoy this instant reply this none the less!

-Dr. B…


  • Sweet Pea and Nancy says:

    Oh, Dr B, how wonderful to hear from you !
    It will be so exciting following Luna and her Girls as they
    discover their world.
    Sweet Pea and I have missed your updates of your furbabies❤️ 🎶

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