Puppy Adventure – 6 Week Old Bernese Mt. Dog Puppies Move In With The Big Dogs? – Ovation’s Puppies

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Can you Remember the day you left your whelping room?

So... , Do you remember the day you left your whelping room? Think back...

It may have been a long time ago, just before your mom & dad brought you to your new home.

At first, were you afraid, excited, confused, suspicious, cautious? Perhaps a combination?

[All of these emotions are possible — and normal.]

Do you remember the day you froliced down the hallway with your siblings, carelessly following the leadership of your mother and discovered a whole new world…

A world full of other dogs, toys, sights and smells.  Mother and your caregivers were there too; with the assurance that all was well in this brave new world.

Actually, there was so much going on, and you had so much confidence in your mother that the thought of fear never materialized. Your focus was on the excitement and play…  

These puppies were given a choice. They chose to trust their mother’s leadership and play and act naturally. Mother’s confidence was contagious.

This a great lesson that we as pet owners can take in:

If we provide leadership and security, we can introduce new situations and/or new behaviors and expect our pets to respond positively, or inquisitively.

{Cricket}!   What do you think? Could you learn something new, easier, faster, and with enthusiasm, if your parents were strong leaders, and gave you the freedom to choose?


 What do you think ? Could you improve your training and relationship with your pet if you commanded a role of leadership and confidence?

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  • Sweet Pea's Mom, Nancy Straub says:

    Thank You So Very Very Much for sharing Ovation’s babies’ worId, I just can’t get enough !
    You and Diane are doing another wonderful thing. Keep ’em coming … Love, Sweet Pea and

  • Sheila says:

    How can I stop barking at oncoming dogs during my walks?

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