5 Day Challenge:

Make your pet disaster proof...NOW

Prevent  Pet 

 Disaster, Danger, and Loss..

Dr. B Veterinarian
  • If you had to leave your home, in 10 minutes, what would you do?
  • Could you  ACT  QUICKLY - leave efficiently, and confidently - knowing your pets would be safe?
  • Have you ever discovered your pet missing? - Did you know exactly what to do?
  • When your pet eats a sock, Christmas ornament, or strange plant, do you know what to do....

On completion of the Challenge:

  • On completion of the challenge you will have the answers to these and other questions - not only at your fingertips, but also
  • Checklists to follow at the time most needed.
  • Join the challenge and make sure you, and your pets are prepared!


The Challenge will be delivered daily to your in-box.

  • Work at your own pace,
  • Work on your own schedule

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Your   pets   depend on   you!

NOW is the time for YOU to prepare.

Your pets will thank you for being prepared!

Dr. B - Bruce Bauersfeld, D.V.M.

Dr B Bruce Bauersfeld

"I can't wait to see you in the challenge."