Puppies Get Excited When They See Their Mom – Ovation’s Puppies

Today, we are going to observe Ovation’s puppies a cute but demanding episode.    

Click on the video  below to make it play.

Last week, we eavesdropped on a pastoral scene where Ovation was in the same room with her puppies. She interacted with them and played with them — all was calm.

In today’s episode, we witness the flip side. Puppies whose goal in life is to be nothing more (or less) than … “Me First !”

This morning, they have been separate from their mom for just a few hours, but they act like it's been a century-and-a-half. 

Picture one of them about a month from now in his forever home. Let’s single out Red Boy. Imagine he has been alone for a brief period. His family returns from a errand, perhaps picking up one of the kids from school. He has fallen asleep and wakes from a nap. It will not take him long to erupt into an Oscar winning performance of “Me First”. 

The frenzy that you observe as you watch, is an excellent example of pack,behavior. When Red gets going he draws all of his packmates in to the activity. The scene is now partly spurred by competition, but mostly by an intrinsic need for attention. Something I think we all can identify with in varying degrees. The fact that there are now 6 of them competing for this attention ramps up the emotion in the room exponentially. 

Watch as the puppies’ cries motivate, stimulate, and energize mom. She too is ramped up. But she soon settles them down, and our pastoral scene can return again.

We can learn a lot about ourselves, by observing and learning from our pet’s behavior…

I certainly have….

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