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For Pet Owners Who Want
The Best Health For Their Pet.

Trustworthy Veterinary Advice will Put you on a Path to  a New Worry-Free Life With Your Pet

And Give Him a

Long  and 


⇒ Life!

Are you struggling with how to care for your pet?

Do you rely on your or your FB friends? 

But the advice never seems to apply. 

Does Dr. google flood you with a plethora of data that you don't really know what to do with it, or even when to do it?

Do your veterinary visits seem short ?  And you never see or understand your pet's big picture?

Doesn't that leave you confused and powerless? 

I have discovered that folks need
a simple, structured approach

That will lead them from confusion and frustration.

From fear and uncertainty to the confidence that they are doing the best for their pet.

Concerned pet owners need training that is organized, delivered one step at a time with accountability that ensures the results they so desperately want.

Hello, It’s me. — Dr. B (Bruce Bauersfeld, D.V.M.)

As a successful veterinarian in private practice in Southern California for over 35 years....

I have helped countless patients recover from serious and debilitating illnesses.

Relieving pain and suffering has constantly been one of my primary focal points. But the pain and suffering that my clients experience from needless worry has become the crux of my unique bedside manner.

Dr B Bruce Bauersfeld

Here at Dr. B’s Pet Club — I help  concerned pet owners - like yourself...

Overcome your fears and challenges as you struggle to care for your beloved pet  ---- 
 day-in and day-out.

  • Are you worried about any aspect of your pet’s health?
  • Are you afraid you don't have all the right answers?
  • Are you uncertain on your next safe and effective step?

If so…
You are in the right place .

Because I Can Help!

Check Out: Pet Club

Dr. B's Weekly Video-Class

A timely interactive  program presented LIVE with you as the studio audience.

Where you can gain 20-20 insight to your pet's health, and begin your journey to a new life with your pet.

Pet Club

Will help you navigate the wiles of internet misinformation. and, in-so-doing, help your pet live a long and pain-free life.

Your worries are assuaged and your confusion ended.

You Can...

Ask Dr. B - Anything

- Thursday at 4:00 Pacific & 1:00 pm EST  -

DrB Pet Veterinarian

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