My Pet’s Not Fat- Obese Dogs and Cats

Over 50% of the dogs and  33% of the cats in American households are overweight...

Why is this debilitating and life-shortening disease gaining ground?

In this episode, I explore the causes, factors, reasons and solutions to this covert disease that threatens the health, and longevity of your pets.

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Dr. B...

======================================= MY DEEPEST DESIRE

  1. 1
     I want your pet to live an additional 2-4 years
  2. 2
     I want those to be pain-free
  3. 3
     I want you to be Worry-free as well

 Yes Ambitions - Yes But - WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER =======================================

 Introduction Complex Disease of Obesity Series

The Recently released AVMA Study: AVMA PET OWNERSHIP AND DEMOGRAPHICS SOURCEBOOK  American Veterinary Medical Association In 2016, approximately 48.3 million households owned a dog, a 11.4% increase from 43.3 million in 2011. At the end of 2016, the U.S. dog population was approximately 76.8 million 56% own a dog At year-end 2016, 25% of all U.S. households owned a cat, which means there were 31.9 million cat-owning households. DOGS: over one-half of all dogs surveyed failed to fall into a normal weigh classification: 36% cats overweight/Obese

We are facing an epidemic of pets considered overweight or obese

More than  50 % of adult dogs are classified as overweight. Of those, less than 10% are successful at losing weight, regardless of their age. Sadly, after weight loss, 40% regain weight within 12 months.

A Growing Concern: Overweight and Obese Pets Excess weight and fat are associated with some serious chronic conditions, ... osteoarthritis. Degenerative Joint Disease Weight Gain ⇒ Arthritic Changes ⇒ Reduced Mobility ⇒ Weight Gain. ⇒ SOLUTION ?? People struggle with weight loss there are zillions of Articles and diets what's a test to our poor ability to accomplish that goal our poor understanding of the magic  Silver Bullet the realization that one size does not fit all how does this apply to our pets it's estimated that 51 to 70% of Veterinary patients are overweight 10% ⇒ 35# for the average adult. and 40% that do lose weight gain it back in 12 months


  • The Atkins model.
  • The Pritikin model.
  • The new metabolic novel Model.
  • Drip Diets
  • Interval Diets
  • The next model?... 

EARLY DIAGNOSIS Obesity is generally detected at age 7 plus or minus.

 So.. when did it start? Why? How could it be prevented? MY PROFESSION IS STRUGGLING How can a complete nutritional assessment and recommendation be incorporated into WellCare - WSAVA Time Frustration compare the human doctor's well patient visit.

Solutions and recommendations. An individualized plan is essential. (There is no one-size-fits-all approach)

 Factors influencing that decision or commitment.

  • Knowledge, understanding, realization, of the consequences resulting buy-in that change is needed
  • Head Knowledge
  •  Decrease life span
  •  Pain/suffering Arthritis/DJD
  •  Stroke
  • Hypertension

  • Head Knowledge // Mindset Comparison of self(people) with pets If obese ⇒ 10 % - 20% decrease in longevity.

  • Not me, Can always fix it later
  •  No urgency

  • Why do we have a dog?
  • Why do we have a cat?