Are You Worried About Your Pet’s Cough?

By Dr.B / 4 years ago

Are You Worried About Your Pet's Cough?   - This and other timely information - Including a COVID19 Update 

Whether our pets are cats or dogs, we all worry when they become ill and act abnormally. What does it mean when your pet coughs or gags, or sneezes or breathes irregularly?

In this series Veterinarian, Bruce Bauersfeld DVM explores the signs and symptoms that you can observe.  And how you can use them to help your veterinarian help your pet.

In this episode, we discuss breathing difficulty. 

  • What to look for.

  •  How to document it.

  • How to report it to your veterinarian.

Dr. B has created a unique checklist on how to organize, collect, and report the vital information that could make a life and death difference for you and your pet.

It is a FREE gift to you and your beloved pet.

ACCESS Dr. B’s Checklist Here:

Keep it handy and use it when your pet has a problem.

“It is my prayer that this checklist will help your pet live long and pain-free and  that you can yourself become worry-free.”   - Dr. B…