Giving Birth To Puppies Is Not Always What You Think – Luna’s Cute Puppies

Welcome to Luna’s world

I like to introduce you to Luna, our 3-year-old Bernese Mt. Dog. And her two little girl puppies Ms. Pink and Ms. Yellow.

Click on the video link below and you will meet Luna,
on the last day of her pregnancy and the first day of her motherhood all within a few hours of each other.

This video will be the first of my new series and a continuation of “Raising Puppies”.

We will see Luna transition from the care-free life as our devoted family pet; to a responsible mother caring for her young’uns.

As usual, I greatly welcome your comments and feedback.

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Dr. B

  • Patti Barker says:

    Loved seeing Luna and her newborn babies, they are absolutely adorable!!!

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