Resources For New Puppy Owners And Pet Owners Of All Ages

Resources For New Puppy Owners And Pet Owners Of All Ages

10 Tips For New Puppy Owners

In this video, I share exactly how we integrate a

new puppy into our home and make it easy for everyone to do.

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Three Things I Bet You Did Not Know 

About Potty Training  Your New Puppy



Puppy Feeding Guide :

This guide was prepared for all new owners of our Bernese Mt. Dog Puppies.  But it is applicable to pups of all breeds.


Supplies and Equipment All Puppy Owners Should Take Advantage Of:

The supplies and equipment which I have included in this article represent the best of the best we have personally used over the years.  I am very please to share it with you.  Realize that this list is not complete. This is not a recommendation to go out and purchase every product for every pet.  But, when need arises, I trust you will find it of great benefit.


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