Puppies Learn The Lessons of life Best From Their Mother – Ovation’s Puppies

Mothers are the best teachers for their pups...

Today, we are going to observe Ovation’s puppies during this magical transition period. The interval between 100% nursing and 100% solid food.

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We have been watching their adjustment from birth. From their frenzied attack on their mother when they first see her in the morning. To being calm, cool, and collected, when around mom and their littermates — life is good.

Just a week ago these little guys would not and could not leave mother alone. When they were in the same room with her, they would chase her incessantly and energetically.  Mom needed an escape route when she was finished nursing. Now, she can be in the same room with them, interact with them, play them, teach them new and exciting skills, while the puppies remain calm and explore their environment.

What has changed?

The puppies have learned, through mothers teaching and setting boundaries, that they can exist without hanging onto her nipples 24/7. When their nursing behavior became inappropriate, too hard, or too aggressive,  mother would immediately move away and/or nudge them off her breasts and correct them.

It was difficult for them the first.  

Feeding and suckling at-will had abruptly changed. They discovered that mom was there one second and gone the next.

“Whoa! What just happened to me? Where did mom go all of a sudden? What did I do?”  Was their experience.

They learned, that if they changed their behavior and nursed differently, mother would stay and the milk would still flow. That was the first  step.

In time, they found that  this new strange stuff called food was not only a toy that they could play with but also something that they could consume without admonishment. It tasted good and filled them up. Mother ate it too. Mom is a great role model. Their need to belly-up-to mother’s bar diminished.

They discovered that the milk flow was becoming sparser. Mom was spending less time with them.

Hey Mom,  what's happening with your milk? It's not flowing like it used to.”  …. “Oh! Where'd you go! You used to spend all day with us. Now it's just a few minutes. What's wrong?”

And so, life's lessons are learned.  Sometimes it's a rude awakening, and sometimes it's a slow process.  

But an inevitable process nonetheless.  We can learn a lot about ourselves, by observing and learning from our puppies and dogs behaviors…

I certainly have….

How about you?

Dr. B...

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  • Lisa Jones says:

    I love this! You should be on PBS teaching children about puppies. Your voice is very peaceful and calming. Good job ????
    Lisa Jones

    • Dr.B says:

      Wow Lisa, That means a lot coming from you.

      Lisa, I need your help.
      I’m looking for suggestions on my next topic – after Ovations’ pups go home. any thoughts are appreciated.
      Thanks for your support and sharing my information .
      Give Dante a pat on the head for me… /B

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