Puppies Open Their Eyes For The First Time – Ovation’s Puppies

Everyone marvels at the day that the puppies open their eyes.

We look at it as a magic life changing event.
Today you're going to see my 13 day old Bernese Mountain Dog puppies begin to open their eyes.

​I'm going to ask you for a moment to suspend reality and put yourself in the place of one of these little puppies seeing the world for the first time. (Pick:  Blue Boy, Pink Girl, Red, Green, Orange, or Yellow) Pick your favorite if you like, but...

** You Can Only Pick One **

Close your eyes, and picture yourself as this small helpless critter, who for the last 12 days has only been concerned with sleeping and eating and nursing. Life has been good, food when you want it, warmth when you need it, and companionship 24/7 with siblings, mom, and caregivers.

You are now “Baby Fido”. You have been crawling around your mother, a big warm fuzzy cuddly thing, who has been dispensing milk every time you've asked for it. She has been keeping you warm every time that you were cool, and cleaning you with her big wet, but gentile tongue after you made a mess.

You have learned to walk (well almost) and you started to cuddle and play and mouth your siblings. You are nearly twice the weight and size that you were when you were born.

Life is good!

Without really knowing it, your ear canals have been slowly opening so that more and more sound is coming in. Your brain has been developing and learning to process the sounds and sensations that you are experiencing. Likewise, your eyes too have been undergoing changes. Your eyelids, which have been sealed shut for protection, are now separating because your eyelid oil glands are now secreting. This is loosening the seal, separating the slits, and paving the way for more light to come in.

Surprise !

No - Not at all.

This is not a shock, this is a normal process. You, are still happy as a clam and still negotiating your nest, finding your mother and your siblings with smell and sound and tactile experiences. It's going to take a few days for your brain to assimilate the new visual sensations and signals and translate that into.

“Wow. Mom sure is big and my brothers and sisters are not quite as cute as I am.”

You hear mom’s ​helpers (your  human caregivers) saying “look, look their eyes are opening...” and making a big fuss (almost as big a fuss as the day you were born). And you want to say, “It’s no big deal, let me go back to eating and sleeping!”

Watch closely in the video you'll see some eyes are still closed, some eyes are wide open, and not necessarily equal on the same puppy at the same time. Also notice that all the puppies are calm, and that no behaviors are changing.

Yes, in a few days, this will be different.  The pups will begin to respond to visual stimuli, and open another new chapter in their lives.

But for now — enjoy and share with your friends on Facebook , Twitter, using this

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- Dr. B..

  • Taleen says:

    Grandpa (the cat) and I enjoy your videos. Technically, me more than Grandpa. Every time we watch a video – Grandpa hears your voice and his ears perk up and he looks for you (rather – he is looking for a place to hide 😉 It’s interesting watching the videos with a cat – because the cat also responds to the noises the puppies make as they drink their milk. Awesome videos! Please keep them coming!! I’m learning so much =)

    • Dr.B says:

      Taleen, thank you so much for sharing. I know that every cat (and cat lover) doesn’t necessarily like puppy stuff — I get that. So I’m grateful to learn that both you and “Granpa Frank” are pleased.
      I find it both amusing and very gratifying that he can recognize my voice! He is a very insightful and responsive kitty. – B…

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