Watch Puppies Explore Life For The First Time – Ovation’s Puppies

Have you ever seen puppies play for the first time?

Up until now,  we have seen the puppies eat, sleep, and pursue mother with the sole purpose of satisfying their hungry little tummies. But now we're going to see the puppies begin to interact with each other.

DrB Pet Vet, Puppies Explore Life

We understand and classify dogs and, in general, most of the canine family as social animals - pack animals if you please.  

We take advantage of this as pet owners during our training sessions and the way we live with our dogs as pets and companions. Indeed it is the entire basis for the justly earned title — “Man’s Best Friend”.   

As we see the pups interact, we can almost  see the DNA flow through their bodies as they exhibit social behavior.

As if someone turned on a light switch one morning, the puppies wake up, and instead of exclusively looking for mother, they start exploring, mouthing, and playing with each other.  

They half rear up and half climb up each other in kind of a miniature puppy competition and interaction. Their vocalisations change from the high-pitched crying to a lower pitched moaning-grunting type sound that is the precursor to a puppy play bark.

I am excited to share these experiences with you.

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