Mother Cleans Her Puppies Instinctively

Puppies are Precious...... ( full article below )


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Puppies are Precious...... 

Not many of us have an opportunity to see young puppies a day old;

even fewer have an opportunity to see them develop day-by-day week-by-week as
they mature into young vibrant lives that eventually will
enter our homes — and Change Our Lives.

How many of us stare into our dog’s eyes and wonder
what their lives were like before we acquired them ?

In this series I hope to give you not just a glimpse but a
true insight into the world and beauty a newborn puppy shares
with his or her siblings, mother, and caregivers.

May you be blessed by the journey! — Dr. B…

In today’s video we see 6 one hour old puppies as they find their mother and their first meal.

  • Sandy Monahan says:

    Thank you, Dr. B. These babies are so precious. Thank you for sharing.
    Sandy, Mike, Matt, Abby and of course Jack

    • Dr.B says:

      Dear Jack – (and company),
      So glad mom & dad enjoyed the videos. Thank then for sharing them with you. – B…

  • Patti Barker says:

    Loved your video of Ovation and her puppies. What a wonder experience to see these little miracles. What a great way to see how a new mother learns to care for her newborns and how the puppies instinctively learn to nurse.I am excited to enjoy this wonderful experience of watching them grow & develop.
    Thank you for sharing this journey.

    Patti Barker

    • Dr.B says:

      Your’e welcome Patti,
      You are voicing the opinion of a lot of people I think. All of us acquire our puppies at 8 or 10 weeks of age sometimes 2 or 3 years and we have no idea of what really happened before we got them. I’m really having a great time sharing the experience with you.

  • Monica Van Vorst says:

    Soo cute!! Love the video of the puppies and the mother!

  • Terry Bateman says:

    Congratulations Dr. B! Samurai, John and I really enjoyed seeing the video of Ovation and the six puppies. It was awesome! Sami loves to watch dogs on TV and he loved seeing his cousins! Thank you for including us! We love you and Diane and appreciate the opportunity you have given us to be a Berner family! Please keep the videos and photos coming. Your friend in all things “Spirit”–Terry

    • Dr.B says:

      You’re welcome Terry, You’re always sending me pictures of Sam So I thought I’d send some of your his extended — no, mom and dad are not related to Sam except in spirit.

  • Janet Pesak says:

    Thank you for the wonderful, beautiful and gentle Bernese you bring into this world!

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