Can Dogs And Cats Get Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

By Dr.B / 4 years ago

Can Dogs And Cats Get Coronavirus?  or


 The answer everyone wants to hear is -- NO !

Essentially that is correct. except, COVID-19 is an emerging disease. Which means SARS COV-2 is new, unstudied. But, all novel research and evidence points to the fact Coronavirus infection, (i.e. human COVID-19) does not affect dogs, cats, horses, birds, or other companion pets.

Everyone fears the COVID-19 pandemic. But our pets are safe. - Great comfort for us in this time of crisis.

 Also, in this episode, I discuss social distancing. What it means for us and our pets. Could they transmit the infection passively?

Precautions we must take to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

And much more.

The original discussion was presented during a live video conference with my clients. 

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