3 Things You Need to Successfully Raise a Litter of Puppies – Part 2


Are you afraid your puppies are not growing or developing properly?
Do you worry something is going wrong and you won't be able to find it in time? — Then this post is for you!

  • Journal: A pad and paper, notebook, something permanent to write on.
  • Scale: An accurate scale that can weigh pounds and ounces. (kg if you are in the big world) A baby scale or postage scale with the ability to track the puppies’ weights.
  • Time:  Make time to observe the pups, time to think, time to analyse the puppy weight chart.

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Because problems and complications in the form of puppy diarrhea, or mom stops eating, or her milk dries up are just a day away.  Your scale,  journal, and weight chart are your resources not only the solve problems but to prevent them!

Use them wisely ! - Dr. B...