Puppies are full of surprises – Mesmerize’s Pups

Can you imagine what is next? 

Well, I surely didn't see it coming
I’ll give you 3 clues:

  1. It’s good news.
  2. It’s because they are now cuter than ever.
  3. And, (hint,hint) they may be following in Lassie’s paw-prints!

    Watch the video to discover their secret.

Click on the video  below...

Believe it or not the puppies appear to be cast in a movie !!!!
assuming a seven week old puppy can audition you're looking at the actual audition footage that we sent to their agent …

You may recall that we've done several commercial shoots with our Berners, mostly print ads, commercials and the like,, one sitcom that I can remember,, dog food packages,  and the cover of Dog  Fancy a couple years ago .

At his point, I can't tell you the name of the movie. (It's a secret)
I can't tell you the release date - ( We don't have a clue)
I can't actually guarantee that the movie studio will actually use the footage
They're on the set this week shooting!

When I know more... You will be the first to know.

- Dr. B...

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