Hello and Welcome to the

5 Day Challenge:    

Prevent  Pet 

 Disaster, Danger, and Loss..


Welcome to Day 2


  • Continuing progress on our No-Warning Home Evacuation Plan
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  • Thanks so much for your support and patience
  • Email me with any questions
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  • And thanks for caring so much for your pets!
  • - Dr.B...

Your pets depend on you!

NOW is the time for YOU to prepare.

 Day 2

Your pets will thank you for being prepared! 

They Can't do it themselves!



Day 2, Start Here:


Todays' Lesson Outline:

  • << VIDEO >> (above)
  • Crisis Breakdown --> Action Grid (below)
  • Download Training Video Slides - here
  • Action Plan  (below)
  • Whats Next  (below)
  • Full Course Outline  (below)

Take Action:

  • Walk Through Your  Home, Visualize how you could immediately restrain each of your pets   - ->
  • List A →Write  Down What Immediate CONTROL/RESTRAINT looks like, for you.

Crisis Breakdown:

  • Prepare for two BASIC scenarios→  1) Flee  vs.  2) hunker-down, COVID style.
  • Prepare for two BASIC TIME scenarios→  1) NO WARNING  vs.  2) Some Warning
  • Determine which ones are applicable to you and your home
  • Get to work --> Take Action

Take Action:

  • Walk Through Your  Home, Visualize how you could TEMPORARILY CONFINE each 

Take Action:

  • Walk Through Your  Home, Visualize how you could  load each of your pets into your vehicle- -> 
  • List C →Write  Down What IMMEDIATE TRANSPORT Looks like, for you.
  • .
  • .
  • .


Take Action:

  • Revise Your Vehicle Loading Diagram →


Soon to come: 

  • Lost-Missing-Escaped Pets.
  • Dangers lurking in the home  - hopefully not yours 🙂 
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Course Outline:

Day 1 - Introduction 

Day 1 - Natural Disasters

Day 2 - Planning Your Exit

Day 3 -  Dangers At Home

Day 4 - Dangers on the Road (Travel)

Day 5- Lost - Missing - Escaped Pets

Day 6 - Bonus: Putting It All Together

Dr B Bruce Bauersfeld

"Prepare NOW - because - Your Pet Depends Upon YOU!"  - Dr. B

Dr. B - Bruce Bauersfeld, D.V.M.

Need Help Customizing Your Own "Prevent Pet Disaster-Danger-Loss " plan?

If  so, Schedule a time with Dr. B  Now !



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