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Congratulations you have made a great decision to get a Magic Bernese Mt. Dog.

Your next job is the hardest... wait!

In the meantime, preparation is the most important.

Check out my 10 tips on integrating a puppy into your household.

In this vlog I share the principles of exactly how we integrate a new puppy into our house.  So that you can share in the success that we have attained time after time.


I share these tips with you because I know it's vital for a new puppy to have the right start in your home.  In order to ensure that everybody has an easy transition and a Great long-term future...

Whether you eventually get a puppy from us or someone else, it's so important that the first days and weeks be a positive experience for both the two footed and four-footed members of the family.

Getting off on the right foot/paw can make all the difference in becoming your new pup's best friend forever.

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All Magic Berner Pups Have:

  • AKC Pedigree
  • AVID Microchip
  • Age Appropriate:
  • - Vaccinations
  • - Worming
  • - Flea prevention
  • Contract
  • Tender Loving Care

Our pups are born in our master bedroom suite and are well socialized when they leave.

Please be aware that  our contract requires spay/neuter AFTER 11 months of age.

All pups (boy/girl) are the same price and come with an AKC (limited) Registration.

AKC Pedigree

Our breeding stock has been carefully chosen from American, Canadian, and European lines.

Your pups ancestors have been tested (to the extent possible)  for: hip and elbow dysplasia, eye disease, heart disease, and degenerative myelopathy.

Please be aware that we will select the puppy for you that best matches your wishes, goals and lifestyle.