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Puppy Parents Owners Manual


The supplies and equipment which I have included in this article represent the best of the best we have personally used over the years.  I am very please to share it with you.  Realize that this list is not complete. And this is not a recommendation to go out and purchase every product for every pet.  But, when need arises, I trust you will find it of great benefit.


Revised with your pup in mind. This guide was prepared for all new owners of our Bernese Mt. Dog Puppies.  

Here you will find  Feeding instructions and Diets Information.

Quick Start Guide to Pupster's Meals 


Three Things I Bet You Did Not Know
About Potty Training Your New Puppy

Tips To Prepare  New Puppy  Owners

This is the food your puppy is eating!

Feed Three (3) Meals a day

Science Diet Small Bite Puppy

Quick Start Guide:

 to Preparing Pupster's Meals

  • Add Goats Milk To Your Shopping List



  • 1 cup Science Diet Small Bite kibble
  • 1 tbl. canned I/D
  • 2 oz Goats Milk


  • Mix the canned I/D with the goats milk to form a gravy.
  • Add gravy to puppy bites.
  • Mix well.
  • Heat (microwave ok) to 85 degrees(=warm/not hot to the touch)

Serve Immediately.

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