Hello and Welcome to the

5 Day Challenge:    

Prevent  Pet 

 Disaster, Danger, and Loss..


Welcome to Day 5:


  • What would you do if, Fido dashed past you and the Amazon delivery  truck and disappeared out of sight?
  • What would you do if you couldn't find Fluffy - and you discover the front door 12 inches ajar?
  • Today we uncover  proven measures to make sure that Fido and Fluffy  will safely come home!

Your pets depend on you!

NOW is the time for YOU to prepare.

 Day 5

Your pets will thank you for being prepared! 

They Can't do it themselves!



Day 5 - Start Here:

Lost - Missing - Escape


Today's' Lesson Outline:

  • << VIDEO >> (above)
  • Download Lesson  Slides - here
  • Action Plan  (below)
  • Whats Next  (below)
  • Full Course Outline  (below)

Take Action:




  •  → Prepare for the Worst:
    • Comply
    • Control
    • Confess
    • Keep Calm

Take Action: 

  •  → Two Scenarios:
    • Immediate  → Just Ran out the door...
    • Delayed  → Discovered Missing (not sure when we went AWOL...

Soon to come: 

  • → Bonus / Extra day
  • →  Bringing It All Together.
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Dr B Bruce Bauersfeld

"Prepare NOW - because - Your Pet Depends Upon YOU!"  - Dr. B

Dr. B - Bruce Bauersfeld, D.V.M.

Need Help Customizing Your Own "Prevent Pet Disaster-Danger-Loss " plan?

If  so, Schedule a time with Dr. B  Now !



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