What Is The Club ?

By Dr.B / 6 years ago

Don't be confused this is the real thing!

     The Club is Dr. B's proven formula for good health and a long and happy life for his patients!

Simply stated: The Club membership creates a concise and clearly defined plan for wellness for your pet.

It is organized so that health care delivery is understandable.  All treatments or procedures are scheduled with first things first,  last things last and everything needed for good health in between... 

     Wellness is a choice. It is the smart choice...  Dr. B's well care recommendations meet or exceed the guidelines established by the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association. 

    Confusion and uncertainty are set aside.  Club members need never fear a notice in the mail, stating their beloved pet is "overdue for vaccination", and therefore is at risk for a serious disease...

     Dr. B has also made it easy for you afford to provide your pet with "Standard of Care" he or she deserves.  Instead of paying all of the costs up front, you can now budget the full cost with Low Monthly Payments. - Thanks to the Pet Club.

     Every patient deserves the "Standard of Care!"  

     Does not your pet deserve more?

     Don't settle for anything less !